Lavender and Navy Traditional Air Force Wedding in Fairfax, Virginia

Bethany and Joe’s classy Air Force wedding featured a lavender and navy color palette, celebrating the end of a long-distance relationship and the beginning of a military adventure.

“I chose my colors based on the Air Force Mess Dress uniform the groomsmen would be wearing,” the bride explained. “I was going for a classic and elegant wedding – and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how it all turned out.”

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The college sweethearts, who endured long-distance while Joe was enrolled at the Air Force Academy, wed at the bride’s hometown church. A reception immediately followed in the church’s Reception Hall. The afternoon celebration, attended by over 300 friends and family members, combined timeless decorations – including stunning florals in shades of lavender and plum – with uniquely personal elements.

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“Joe surprised me and sang me a love song that he had written called “I Do” – then I surprised him and played one of his favorite songs on the violin,” the bride shared. “We played the ‘Shoe Game’ – a lot of fun and laughter! Everything about our wedding day was perfect!” The celebration concluded with a final nod to Joe’s Air Force career – a traditional wedding saber arch.

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What were your favorite moments of the wedding?
My favorite moment of our wedding was walking down the aisle and seeing tears in Joe’s eyes. A very special memory of our wedding was exchanging our personalized vows to each other during the ceremony. Another highlight of the wedding – Joe surprised me at the reception and sang me a love song that he had written – I couldn’t hold back the tears!

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How did you overcome the challenges of a long-distance military relationship?
While Joe was at the Air Force Academy, I was also in college in Wisconsin. While we had busy schedules during the day, we planned to have a “Facetime date” every night which helped us stay close and communicate well as a couple. We spent our time counting down the days until we could see each other again – we were able to fly to see each other about once a month! Even though dating long distance was hard, every day was so worth it, and I believe we have a strong marriage as a result of getting through that time in our relationship!

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Ceremony and Reception: Fairfax Baptist Temple
Dress: Labella Bridal Boutique
Bridesmaid Dresses: JJ’s House
Flowers: Vintage Floral Design by Ella O’Donnell
Photography: Elle Meredith Photography
Cupcakes: Sister of the bride
Catering: Fairfax Baptist Temple

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