Romantic, Shabby Chic Wedding in Provo Canyon, Utah

On Wednesday, July 26th, two days before he was scheduled to marry the love of his life, Joshua received a call from his Sergeant. The message? Your orders have changed – be on the next flight back to Texas. All had been prepared. The venue was booked, marriage license acquired, out-of-town family ready to make the drive up to Utah. Josh had carefully followed the procedure to request leave, and it had been approved with no reservations. Yet, as Josh and fiancée Cortlee understood, sudden, unanticipated change was a hallmark of military life. There was nothing to do but adapt.

So, when her tears had dried and she had consulted her family for advice, Cortlee launched into action. They would get married that day, before Joshua boarded his flight and returned to his military obligations. “Josh pulled out his tablet, went to the satellite version of Google Maps, and we went up to Provo Canyon looking for somewhere to get married,” the bride explained. “After finding a park that looked nice, we started calling family and friends and letting them know we were getting married – in two hours!”


The couple’s friends assisted with decorations while Cort tackled her hair and makeup, determined to be wedding ready. Five hours after Joshua received the fateful call, he was watching his fiancée walk down the aisle. “We had a simple ceremony, took pictures, and at 6 PM we left for the airport, where I said goodbye to my husband of two hours. Looking back, I don’t know that I would change a thing. Our guests sat on the grass, we had a simple table of treats, and there was no dancing or big party, but it fit us perfectly. It was intimate, special, and a day I hope to never forget.”

The spontaneous nuptials featured a blush, gray, white and navy color palette and a shabby chic theme. “We’ve been married six months, are living in Germany, and love being able to spend life by each other’s side,” Cort shared of her new husband. “We couldn’t ask for more.”


What is your advice to other military couples?
Military life is full of twists and turns. It’ll throw you things you think you can’t handle … or that you just don’t want to handle. But that’s just the way it is. As you plan your wedding, understand that things might not go the way you envisioned, and be okay with that. In the end, the flowers, your hair, the venue – it isn’t important. What is important are the vows you make and to whom you are making them. Military life is hard, exhausting, and frustrating. But it’s also an adventure. You’ll get to meet so many amazing people, go on fun adventures, and see new places. As long as you put your marriage first, communicate about everything, and trust each other inexplicably, you will do just fine There’s a whole band of sisters and brothers here to help you out and cheer you on.


Dress: Gateway Bridal & Prom
Photographer: Mary Horne Photo
Florals: Erin Crockett

1 thought on “Romantic, Shabby Chic Wedding in Provo Canyon, Utah

  1. Gorgeous!!! I love the rustic feel to this.


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