Glamorous Red and Gold British Army Wedding in Eversley, England

Rosie and Aaron’s glamorous British Army wedding wowed with a dramatic red and gold color palette and an abundance of florals.

“My wedding colors were red and gold as his uniform was red and I wanted to tie it all together,” the bride shared. “The theme was elegant with loads of flowers. My vision was that my wedding would be one where people walked in and went, ‘Wow!’ I wanted it all to be perfect and it was!” The bride accentuated the va-va-voom factor with a glittering tiara and stunning teardrop bouquet.




After a romantic first date to the cinema, Rosie and Aaron began an 11-month relationship. Aaron made things official on Christmas day, proposing in front of Rosie’s family. “He had been planning for months and asked my dad for his blessing the night before! He said yes, of course.”

For the bride and groom, DIY was essential in crafting the perfect wedding day. “I went to a wedding fair to get an idea of how much things would cost and it was madness! So, my mum and I decided to do most of it ourselves,” the bride explained. The couple relied on local businesses, like their favorite sweet shop, to get the best deals.




What was your favorite part of the wedding?

My favorite moment was walking down the aisle and seeing my man. I also loved our first dance. Our day was magical!

What advice would you give to other military brides?
Being married to a military man is not easy! But it is totally worth the wait. I would say you have to have a lot of patience and understanding. My husband is frequently away, and I’ve found as long as you look after yourself and have hobbies or work, the time goes very quickly.

If you must plan your wedding yourself because your fiancé is away, I would encourage you to ask your mum to help and communicate with your man before he goes about what details he would like in the wedding. Most of all remember: you both love each other, and things always work out in the end!





Venue: De Vere Warbrook House & Grange
Photographer: The Wedding Photo Company
DJ: DJ Steve
Bar: De Vere Warbrook House & Grange

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